The Orion is for the busiest sauna rooms. This heater has a long lasting heating element, easy to maintain, has a huge stone capacity and is built from stainless metals. Orion is carefully engineered to become a powerhouse in commercial sauna rooms.

Orion has one very interesting character, timely evaporation of water into steam! Most heaters make a huge hissing noise when water is thrown into the rocks, the Orion does not! Instead, the stones will store just enough heat to slowly create steam. This is with similar frequency as smoke sauna’s heated rocks. The water thrown above the stones will go sideways and slowly vaporize into steam. The room temperature will dramatically increase that makes the body to adapt gradually the heat.

Tower Series:

Technical Data

Heater Model KW Sauna Room
min (m3) max
Control Size of heater (mm)
ORN6-90NS 9 8 – 14 separate 575 – 575 – 980 210
ORN6-105NS 10,5 9 – 15 separate 575 – 575 – 980 210
ORN6-120NS 12 10 – 18 separate 575 – 575 – 980 210