About Us

Mr. VM Kallioniemi started the SAWO brand in 1994. Since then, we at SAWO -Sauna World have created outstanding high-quality sauna and steam products so anyone can enjoy the Finnish sauna experience. Today our products include a wide range of sauna heaters, steam generators, sauna accessories, sauna rooms and sauna wood panels. From finest details to functionality, all SAWO products are made in our factories with Finnish management ensuring the authenticity of the products.

SAWO Inc. is one of the largest sauna heater, control unit and sauna accessories manufacturer in the world with employing over 400 people in Finland, Philippines and Hong Kong. During the years, we have become one of the most established brands in sauna industry with sales to over 80 countries.

SAWO is dedicated to provide excellent sauna products and service. All the way from design, manufacturing and delivering to after sales support, we are thinking of our customers.

We want to ensure the genuine Finnish sauna experience, which is why we place special effort to quality management. Our operations are ISO Quality Management System Certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).