Sauna Health Benefits

Medical research indicates that regular sauna bathing in dry sauna can provide the following health benefits:

• Releases stress and tension.
• Improve blood circulation by raising body temperatures and heart rate.
• Reduces aches and pains in joints by removing lactic acid.
• Sauna bathing opens the pores on skin and helps the body in removing harmful toxins and other impurities
• Combined with exfoliating, it helps to remove accumulated dead skin.
• Temperatures between 70-90 help kill viruses and bacteria which cannot survive in higher than normal body temperatures.
• Relieves nasal, sinus and chest congestion.
• Beneficial for mild cases of hypertension.
• Flushes out harmful toxins through your pores.
• Increases your metabolic rate which helps boost recovery after an illness.
• Accelerates muscle recovery following heavy exercise.
• Induces a deeper, more relaxing sleep.
• Increases energy levels.

Heater Tips

• Wiring and repairs must be done by a qualified electrician.
• Do not use the heater as a grill
• Do not cover the sauna heater. It may cause fire.
• Do not put wood of any kind on the electric heater.
• Do not use the heater as clothes dryer. It may cause fire.
• Never sit on the heater. It is really hot. It can cause serious burns.
• Never use the heater without stones. It may cause fire.
• Do not use chlorinated water (e.g. from the swimming pool or jacuzzi) or seawater. It can destroy the heater.
• Don’t put too much water on the heater. “Throw water onto the stones, one to three ladles are enough at a time. After a couple of minutes you can throw little water again”.

How to use the sauna

• Leave your clothes in the dressing room. You should also have a clean set of clothes to wear after the sauna.
• Take a shower before you enter the sauna.
• Enter the sauna and sit on the bench. You may want to use a small towel to set on.
• You may increase humidity of the sauna room by throwing water on the stones of the heater. The recommended temperature in the sauna is 65 to 85°C.
• Leave the sauna room when you feel hot enough. Cool off by taking a shower or a swim or just by sitting in room temperature or outside. Have a drink if you feel thirsty, but avoid alcohol in the sauna.
• You may go back to the warm sauna room, taking your time to relax and enjoy the sauna atmosphere. You can repeat the hot-cold cycle as many times as you feel comfortable. Two rounds are usually suitable for other people.
• After sauna, wash yourself in a shower or go for a swim.
• Dry yourself with a towel or just by sitting in room temperature.
• Before putting on clean clothes allow enough time for cooling off, otherwise the sweating may still continue.
• Finally, have a peaceful rest and a refreshing drink.