Sauna Accessories

SAWO has wide selection of timeless sauna accessories from Cedar, Aspen and Pine. Choose your favorites to customize the sauna to be exactly for your liking.

Pails & Ladles

Finnish sauna wouldn’t be Finnish without pouring the water to the heater. From SAWO selection you can find pails to fit small or even larger commercial saunas, the range starts from 2 liters up to 40 liters capacity. You can choose from traditional wooden pails made from cedar, aspen and pine or go for modern stainless steel options. Complete the set by adding any of the ladles.

Thermo- & Hygrometers

Thermo- and Hygrometers are the traditional way of telling when sauna is ready for bathing. Choose from several different shapes and styles, to show the sauna temperature and humidity. Available materials are Cedar, Aspen, Pine and Soapstone.

Clocks & Timers

Want to see who lasts the longest in sauna? Our 15min sand timers are great way to create conversation or perfect for those who are new to Finnish sauna.

Wooden clocks will compliment any lounge. Choose the perfect one from Cedar, Aspen and Pine woods.

Doors & Handles

Sauna doors are essential for your sauna. SAWO doors are properly concealed with rubber lining and a magnetic door lock. Parts of the doors were built to endure the hot temperature of the sauna with 8mm tempered glass in bronze and clear color. The door jamb is laminated with several slices of wood to prevent warping.

Sauna Lights & Covers

Create the perfect ambience with a proper play of lighting. Our different light shades allow you to create the feel of soothing and warm.

Head- & Backrests

Wooden head- and backrests are perfect way to relax in sauna. You can use backrests also in the lounge area.

Benches & Floormats

Create the perfect lounge area with wooden benches, floor mats and hangers.


With Sawo’s complementary sauna items, you can enhance your sauna experience. Get to know with our list of fascinating items.