Infrared Sauna Panel

The far Infrared Panel runs in a low powered 170W. It is a cost-efficient heat emitter for saunas. It is framed with a cedar wood that is very easy to mount into the wall. Plus the IR panel is fibercoated to make the surface safe when accidentally touched.

Far infrared panel is operated using IR controls. See IR sauna room manual.

Technical Data

Power: 220-230 VAC 1N~
50/60 Hz
Max 170 W
IR-Panel-1: 325mm (L) x 630mm (H) x 30mm (D)
IR-Panel-2: 645mm (L) x 630mm (H) x 30mm (D)
Type: Far-infrared
Surface: Fiber coated material
Wavelength: 6000-14000nm

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