Infrared Sauna Backrest

The IR backrest is driven by Far Infrared heat. FIR is known for its low heat radiant that may help provide lots of health benefits to your body. The heat penetrates deeper into your skin to soothe muscles, burn fats and detoxify through sweating.
  • Fiber Coated Infrared Emitter
  • Strong Nylon Strap
  • Adjustable Head Rest
  • On/Off Switch
  • AC Power Plug
  • Made from either Aspen or Cedar wood

Infrared Products

Technical Data

Code: 505-IR-A | D
Power: 220-230 VAC 1N~
50/60 Hz
Max 170 W
Size: 300mm (W) x 180mm (D) x 950mm (H)
Weight: 4.7 kg
Type: Far-infrared
Surface: Fiber coated material
Wavelength: 6000-14000nm
Ambient: Max 75°C