The Firemeter shows in an unique way the temperature of the sauna room and is gorgeous to look at. Did you know, that the best place to have the thermometer is at head-height and preferably close to the average place where people sit in the room, and not close to the heater.

“How hot is your sauna right now? Well, to be honest: Who cares? If it’s too cold, then it’s too cold, and if it’s too hot, then it’s too hot… But lots of people – including myself – still want to be aware of the facts. Therefore, we made our “heat information meter” a most comprehensive graphic device to show the level of your fire. Both in Celsius and in Fahrenheit.”

– Stefan Lindfors

code: 232-TM-DRF
size: (W)140 x (D)140 x (H)30mm

code: 232-TM2-DRF
size: (W)140 x (D)140 x (H)30mm

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