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SAWO’s beautiful Firecontrol heater controller is designed for the dazzling Dragonfire heater series, but can also control all SAWO heaters, which have a separate Power Controller outside the heater. Heaters with built-in Power Controller are controlled straight from the heater.

Firecontrol’s smart technology automatically hibernates some or all heating elements when set temperature has been reached and wakes up the elements when temperature goes down. Not only this keeps the sauna experience at a steady heat, but it also extends the heating elements’ lifespan and saves precious energy!

The magnificent controller even has a power consumption counter! With it, the amount of energy used during the sauna session can be observed for energy-efficient sauna experience.

  • Placed outside the sauna room
  • Connected to the Power Controller
  • Over 15kW heaters require the Contactor
  • Preset timer for weekly sessions
  • Blackout memory
  • Easy mode and full mode
  • Key lock
  • Power consumption counter
  • Optional fan, dimmer, and Combi feature
  • Can control all SAWO NS heaters
  • Can be connected to household automation

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