Saunova 2.0 Built-In

The Saunova 2.0 Built-In combines the control panel and power controller in same package. It has a modern and stylish look, and now with more flexible installation possibilities. The control remembers your personal settings, such as session time and temperature, allowing to have consistent sauna experience.

The control uses smart technology which automatically shuts off heating elements when set temperature has been reached. When temperature goes down, it wakes up the necessary heating elements. Not only this keeps the temperature steady but makes the heating element lifespan longer and saves energy!

The control casing has more room in it for the electrician to work with, which makes installation easier than ever! Flexible wiring options with strain relief provision on 4 sides, including the back part for wiring to be completely hidden.

  • For all NS Heaters 2.3-9kW, for over 9kW add Saunova 2.0 Contactor Unit
  • Smart Controlling -feature
  • Compatible with Door Sensor
  • Prerun timer
  • Optional Fan and Combi -feature

Set Includes:

  • Built-In Control with User Interface and Power Controller
  • RJ12-Cable
  • Temperature Sensor with Bass wood cover


Saunova 2.0 Built-In


Suitable Heaters

Temperature Range

Rated Voltage

Max. Session Time

2.3 – 9kW*
* with Contactor Unit 9-18kW

10° -110°C

400V 3N~ (3Phase)
230V 1N~ (1Phase)

1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h,
12h, 18h, 24h


Saunova 2.0 Built-In Control

Saunova 2.0 Built-In Control with Combi & Fan

L: 32cm x H: 27cm x W: 8cm

L: 32cm x H: 27cm x W: 8cm